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evaluate and delivery cross-functional solutions


Achieve MORE!


Relevant Marketing's secret weapon is our motivated and accomplished Sales & Marketing Executive,

Sandra Torgerson-Gould. She is an energetic, goal oriented, well-organized, self-starter with a wide range of interests and expertise seeking to better the world one smile at a time.



Deep dive into your business financials and benchmark them to industry standards to achieve incites that can help a business refine, scale, or sell. OUTCOMES: quarterly financial analysis, milestone markers, & more. 


Set up key performance indicators (KPI's) from various sources (such as website, email marketing, social media, etc) and draw incites that are helpful for any small business. OUTCOMES: Return on Investment (ROI), customer aquisistion costs, & more.


Take all of this information and develop strategies and utilize technology to capitalize on them in real time with an individualized long term goal in mind. OUTCOMES: profitable business, happy owners & more.

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