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Sandra Torgerson-Gould

Helping you achieve MORE!
by sharing my knowledge in sales, marketing, operations, project management, HR, & entrepreneurship.


My Skills

Motivated and accomplished Sales & Marketing Executive, energetic, goal oriented, well-organized, self-starter with a wide range of interests and expertise seeking to better the world one smile at a time.

My Skills are, but not limited to...

  • An ethical, loyal, energetic, "make-it-happen" professional able to accelerate sales growth & positively impact the bottom line through effective strategic marketing/sales plans, operational systems, & extensive relationship building.

  • Strong team player/leader that is proficient at coordinating multiple groups & maintaining productive relationships with staff, peers, and management to effectively bring a job to completion & reach sales goals.Identified target market/customer for clients, clearly defining & mapped out tangible goals with measurable results through a customized Marketing Strategies Program (MSP) using branding, logo creation, social media, email expansion, blog/content creation, website development, promotional events, radio and tv advertising, print campaigns & distribution, and other marketing programs/materials.

  • Computer literate performer with extensive software proficiency covering wide variety of applications using both Windows XP & Mac OS 10 operating systems including: Adobe Creative Suite CS6, Canva, CRM/CMS/CX, Project Management (ClickUp), PowerPoint, Excel, Java, QuickBooks/Quicken/Xero and more.

  • Ability to deal with the clients queries, problems or complaints and find mutually acceptable solutions.

  • Effective mentor who reduces business/organization costs by teaching and implementing time management and evaluating effectiveness.

  • Skilled in building relationships, negotiating deals, and closing sales.

  • Able to confidently present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of an organization, and have a proven ability to drive an enterprise sales process from plan to close.

  • Creative entrepreneurial, naturally questioning the status quo while I see opportunities that normally are overlooked.

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a collaborative company, where we work directly with our clients team to create a strategic path forward depending on their desired goals. Sometimes it's to scale a business, release a new product, refine operations, gain more customers/followers, or simply creating a brand identity and digital presence.

Relevant Marketing utilizes a comprehensive approach utilizing a vetted collection of professionals where needed and a wide range of technologies to get the results needed for each client.

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